Off-campus learning that lasts a lifetime

Retreats are one of the defining experiences for EC students and many talk about them as key personal growth moments long after graduation. They offer students the opportunity to step out of the traditional campus setting as a group, and take advantage of the world’s classroom.

The retreats are organized through Campus Ministry and serve to strengthen community ties and spirituality. Many retreats are student-led and range from day-long outings to weekend-long experiences. Retreats are organized by grade and the priceless bonding opportunities they offer create lifelong friendships.

Sixth Grade Retreat

This day-long retreat focuses on community. The day is spent at Camp Don Bosco in Carnation and is led by high school student leaders and middle school faculty. The experience allows the students to bond together as they consider the role that community and teamwork plays in their lives.

Seventh Grade Retreat

This day-long retreat focuses on how they can make a difference in the world. The entire grade engages in community service projects together. Students learn about a particular issue and serve and reflect on the experience together.

Eighth Grade Retreat

This day-long retreat explores what it means to be a servant leader. Held at Christ Our Hope Catholic Church in downtown Seattle, eighth grade students meet and serve those living in the margins in the Seattle area. They discuss how to be missionary disciples in the community.

AGAPE for high school freshmen

Agape, which means unconditional selfless love, is the focus of this day-long retreat for freshmen. One school day is spent at Camp Don Bosco in Carnation. Led by upperclassmen, freshmen work to strengthen class ties and develop their spirituality in order to put it into practice in their daily life.

REACH for High School sophomores

This day-long retreat focuses on community and is held at Camp Don Bosco in Carnation. Junior and senior student-leaders facilitate activities to allow students to build relationships with one another and discuss how to care for each other in our community.

Destiny for High School juniors and seniors

Destiny is a student-led and planned retreat held at Fort Flagler on the Olympic Peninsula. The experience lasts three days and students stay overnight in cabins. This retreat provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors to grow in love and respect for themselves, others and God through small group discussions, activities, reflection, prayer and leader witness talks. Students who have attended Destiny previously serve as retreat leaders for future retreats. A tradition since 1983, many students have said that Destiny was one of the highlights of their high school experience.

Emmaus for High School seniors

Emmaus, established in 2013, is a three-day retreat that builds off the Destiny experience. It is a student-led retreat that provides seniors the opportunity to explore the ways in which their relationship with God manifests in their relationships with others. Students reflect upon their years at school and the friendships and relationships they have developed over this time. Most recently it was held at the Lakeview Christian Conference Retreat Center in Auburn.

Senior Pilgrimage

Senior Pilgrimage focuses on self-reflection and preparation for students’ final year on campus. Students embark on a day-long, 15-mile hike from Snoqualmie Falls to Carnation. The hike is led by students and is interspersed with prayer, discussion, activities and games. On the hike, students carry the Senior Pilgrimage Cross which resides in the Chapel during the school year. The cross displays a pendant from every senior class that has completed the pilgrimage since 1982, the first year the pilgrimage took place.