Campus Ministry

Empowering and supporting spiritual growth

Our Roman Catholic faith tradition teaches us that a complete education includes the development of every student as a whole person and in becoming a “person for others.” Therefore, the Campus Ministry Program ensures that these foundational Catholic values are woven throughout school life. All liturgies, Masses, retreats, religious rituals and community service opportunities are managed by Campus Ministry.

Ministry Principles

At Eastside Catholic, we believe that every person is a manifestation of the living God. Campus Ministry programs are designed to:

  • Create an environment for open and honest discovery, exploration and development of a school community rooted in faith, hope and the love of Christ
  • Educate and empower members of the school community in a faith that nurtures holiness, character, virtue and active engagement in the mission of the church
  • Engage students in asking thoughtful and probing questions about the religious, ethical and moral challenges we face in this academic setting and the broader community
  • Support the growth and maturity of the whole person and cultivate active engagement, service and compassion in the world

All are Welcome Here

Roman Catholic faith and traditions are central to the school experience at EC and celebrated in a way that welcomes and affirms other religious traditions. All members of the EC community are taught to honor and respect the diverse religious traditions and expressions of fellow members. Whenever we gather to pray, reflect or serve at Eastside Catholic, we do so as one school community, united as beloved children of God.

Community Service

As part of the mission of Eastside Catholic School to “…inspire a life of leadership and service to others,” all students are expected to complete annual community service hours. See below for expectations and recommendations by grade level.

For middle school students, the goals for each year are:

  • Sixth grade = 10 hours
  • Seventh grade = 15 hours
  • Eighth grade = 20 hours

For high school students:

  • Grades 9 - 12 = 25 hours per year is recommended per year to reach the 100 hours required for graduation.

Once a student has served their total high school hours, the expectation is met (regardless of the year of completion). Any hours performed during the summer preceding the school year may be included in this requirement.

Students entering EC mid-year are expected to fulfill half of the hours specified for their grade level. Extra community service hours contribute to a student’s overall total.

High School Varsity Letter in Community Service
High school students may earn a varsity letter in community service by completing 100 hours of service by May 1. Hours must be completed, entered and verified in X2Vol by May 1. Please review the remaining requirements here. Please note: A varsity letter in community students is only available to high school students.

X2Vol: How To Log Community SErvice Hours

Catholic Identity Statement

At Eastside Catholic, we embrace the charism of St. Francis of Assisi within the Catholic tradition and practice inclusivity by welcoming students of all faith backgrounds. We believe each member of our diverse community brings unique gifts that can be used to foster personal, communal and spiritual growth. Grounded in the Gospel of Jesus and unconditional love, we live this mission through formal liturgy and informal ministries of presence, service and relationship formation.

Contributing to the Eastside Catholic family invites commitment to:

  • Bring one's whole self to a community that values and fosters the growth of the person God has called us to be.
  • Nurture one's interior life, rooted in the Gospel and person of Jesus, welcoming all and learning from all.
  • Cultivate the body, mind, and soul through prayer, study, and extracurricular activities.
  • Be an instrument of God's peace and justice in our hearts, our relationships, our communities and our world.