November 28


November 28

First Sunday of Advent

Advent is a time to prepare.

The Latin translation of the word Advent means “to come.” We are waiting for Him, for Christ, for the Messiah to come.

In the second Advent Preface for the Eucharistic Prayer, we pray, 

“In His love, Christ has filled us with joy as we prepare to celebrate His birth, so that when He comes, He may find us watching in prayer, our hearts filled with wonder and praise.”

Listen to the profound invitation, “we prepare to celebrate His birth, so that when He comes, He may find us watching in prayer.”  

His birth. When He comes.

Christmas is about a person, a real person, and His name is Jesus.

We find ourselves amid the secular Christmas season. An array of decorations lines our streets, accentuates our favorite department stores and fills our living rooms. There are parties to attend, presents to buy, and holiday gatherings to prepare for. In many ways, our culture is gearing up for the big day – December 25.

However, Christmas isn’t about a day – it’s about a person. Christmas is about Christ. We prepare for Him. We prepare for the one who will show us the face of God. We prepare for Isaiah’s promised suffering servant who will eventually free us from our sins. We do prepare, but we prepare for a person.

Together, there is no better way to prepare for a person than to prepare with a person. Consider spending this Advent with the woman who welcomes us every morning at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Eastside Catholic courtyard. Spend this Advent with Mary. 

Over the next four weeks, get to know the Mother of God. Spend time with her, hear her voice, and feel her heart. As she conceives God in her womb, you’ll be with her. As she has that anxious conversation with Joseph, you’ll be with her. As she journeys 90 miles to Bethlehem, fully pregnant, tired, and with contractions looming, you’ll be with her. 

Welcome to Advent, for we will prepare. 

Welcome to Mary, for she will teach you about her Son. Welcome this season of Advent by preparing room in your heart and your busy life, for Him

May every EC heart prepare Him room!   

– A blessed Advent season to you and your family from Deacon Pickett

Did You Know?

Advent has a changing start date, but it always contains four Sundays. It starts on the Sunday closest to the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle (November 30). It can begin as early as November 27 or as late as December 3.