Senior Events

The following information outlines important dates for seniors. We want all seniors and their families to enjoy these special events, so please check back here for the latest updates and information.

Please note that dates and times (other than baccalaureate and graduation) are subject to change.


Contact with Questions

Please contact Director of Accounting and Business Operations Kay Nichols at if you have other questions about the end of year events for seniors.

Class of 2021: Important Dates and Deadlines

October 1 Transcripts sent Initial transcripts will be sent out by your college counselor to the colleges listed in your Naviance account. Questions? Please contact your College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh (A-K) or Cyrus Nassersaeid (L-Z).
October Virtual Cap and Gown Presentation

An email will be sent to seniors and their families on how to place graduation regalia orders with National Achiever/Herff Jones. Families also have the option of purchasing graduation announcements and other Class of 2021 items, if desired.

All seniors are required to have a cap, gown, tassel and sash for graduation.

The link to the virtual presentation can be found online.

Questions? Please contact Student Services Coordinator Karin House.

October 31 Cap and Gown Contact Info DUE

All seniors need to submit their cap and gown contact information via this digital graduation reservation card to National Achiever/Herff Jones by October 31.

Students will still need to place a separate order online for all graduation items by January 31.

November 1 Early Decision Contracts DUE "Early Decision" contracts are due to your EC College Counselors. Questions? Please contact your College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh (A-K) or Cyrus Nassersaeid (L-Z).
November 15 University of Washington Applications DUE The University of Washington applications are due. Questions? Please contact your College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh (A-K) or Cyrus Nassersaeid (L-Z).
December 4 Diploma Name Confirmation DUE

An email will be sent in October to parents and seniors to confirm the name that will be printed on the senior student's diploma. Families entered this information in the 2020-21 Online School Packet (OSP).

Questions? Please contact Student Services Coordinator Karin House.

December 4


Senior Yearbook Shoutout DUE


Senior shoutouts are the messages that students leave below their senior picture in their designated section of the yearbook. Students should consider their favorite quote, memory or future plans to include in their shout-out.

Seniors should submit their shout-out through this form by December 4. This form can only be accessed by students. Please note: If a student's shoutout is not submitted by the deadline, one of the generic shoutouts below will be used.

  • “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.”
  • Shoutout: To my family and friends

Questions? Please contact Yearbook Advisor Erika Murphy.

December 4


Senior Pictures for Yearbook DUE


All seniors must submit their senior pictures to the yearbook. This image is in place of the standard ID photo that students take with Lifetouch at the beginning of the school year. Senior photos can be completed on the platform eShare with school code GoCru. Please note: If a student's image is not submitted by the deadline, the standard school ID photo may be used.

  • When you upload or email the photos, please label them: Senior Picture with your student’s full name (e.g. Senior Picture Jane Doe)
  • Specs for your photographer: 2" x 3" (width x height), RGB color, 300 dpi, only .JPG or .PNG files
  • Please submit with as high-resolution as possible

Questions? Please contact Yearbook Advisor Erika Murphy.

January 3 Senior Ads for Yearbook DUE

Senior ads are optional and not guaranteed. They will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. Ads can be purchased in either 1/4 or 1/2 page options.

Seniors ads are sold and created on the Herff Jones website. Eastside Catholic's school code is 6287. Parents and guardians can upload their student's photos and design the ads through the online system.

Questions? Please contact Yearbook Advisor Erika Murphy.

January 15 Yearbook Orders DUE

Yearbooks for the 2020-21 school year can be ordered from the Herff Jones website using the school code 6287.

To ensure your student receives a yearbook, orders must be placed by January 15.

Questions? Please contact Yearbook Advisor Erika Murphy.

January 30 Mid-Year Transcripts Sent Mid-year transcripts are sent by your College Counselor to the colleges listed in your Naviance account. Please make sure your list of colleges you are applying to is complete and up-to-date. Questions? Please contact your College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh (A-K) or Cyrus Nassersaeid (L-Z).
February 28 Cap and Gown Orders DUE

This is the last day to place your online order for graduation regalia. 

Please note: The Cap and Gown unit includes all required items needed for graduation; the cap, gown, tassel and sash. XL caps are also available, please note that when placing your cap and gown order.

Questions? Please contact Student Services Coordinator Karin House

If any student is in need of financial assistance, please contact Joanne Farmer in the Business Office.

Spring TBD Senior Pilgrimage

The fall senior pilgrimage has been postponed to spring. More information will be sent in early 2021.

Senior Pilgrimage focuses on self-reflection and preparation for students' final year on campus. Senior embark on a day-long, 15-mile hike on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Snoqualmie Falls to Carnation. The hike is led by students and is interspersed with prayer, presentations by members of the senior class on topics related to faith and spirituality, discussion, activities and games. On the hike, students carry the Senior Pilgrimage Cross which resides in the Chapel during the school year. The cross displays a pendant from every senior class that has completed the pilgrimage since 1982, the first year the pilgrimage took place.

Questions? Contact Religious Studies Teacher Tom Kittridge.

April 1 Student Baby Pictures DUE for Senior Tribute Slideshow Please email your student's baby picture in a .JPG format to Senior Class Advisor Jeff LaBelle
May 1 College Decision DUE in Naviance Please make sure your college decisions have been updated in your Naviance account by May 1. Your college counselor needs this important information. Questions? Please contact your College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh (A-K) or Cyrus Nassersaeid (L-Z).
May 5 Senior Day

Senior Day will take place on Wednesday, May 5, noon - 3 p.m. at EC in the Courtyard. The Class of 2021 will gather for a group photo on Acosta Field, pick up their graduation cap and gowns, sign the senior wall and participate in other fun activities. Seniors should wear their Decision Day swag. Lunch and dessert will be provided by Boosters and PFSA.

Questions? Please contact Student Services Coordinator Karin House.

May 14


Tuition, Fees and Fines Paid

All tuition, fees and fines for seniors must be paid by this date.

Questions? Please contact Senior Accountant Jared Rice.

May 22 Junior/Senior Prom

Prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 22, 8 - 10:30 p.m. at Art Marble 21 in South Lake Union. Tickets will be $80 per person and are available to purchase here until May 7. No tickets will be sold at the door and only current juniors and seniors will be able to attend, no guests or underclassmen. More information will be communicated next week. Please contact Junior Class Advisor Jessica Rice with any prom-related questions.

May 26 Senior Tribute

The Senior Student Cabinet is planning Senior Tribute, scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 during the school day (time TBD). Given current public health restrictions on gatherings, the senior students are considering all options for planning either in-person with limited guests, a virtual option or a recording for families. More information will be communicated in early May.

Questions? Please contact Senior Class Advisor Jeff LaBelle.

June TBD Graduation Ceremony Rehearsal Seniors must attend this mandatory rehearsal in order to walk at graduation. Any earned honor cords will be distributed at rehearsal.
June 1 - 4 Final Exams for Seniors  
June 4


Baccalaureate Mass Seniors will wear their graduation gowns and sashes but no caps. The Mass location is still to be determined, but will either be at Mary, Queen of Peace following their COVID-19 protocols and capacity restrictions or at EC with capacity restrictions. More information will be communicated after May 3.
June 7


Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony


The graduation ceremony takes place Monday, June 7 at 7:30 p.m., location TBD.

Our primary goal is to have all Class of 2021 graduates together for the graduation ceremony, but please note that this may not be a possibility. Graduation will either be at Benaroya Hall with full or limited capacity, or at EC on Acosta Field with limited capacity. Further details will be communicated to families as soon as they are available after May 3.
As we all continue to navigate the current Washington State Roadmap to Recovery reopening phase plan, your patience, flexibility and partnership are appreciated.

Hear from our high school principals as they talk about graduation in this video from March 20.

June 7


Grad Night 2021


TBD - depends on Washington State Roadmap to Recovery guidance.

This event is parent-sponsored and encourages 100% student participation. Seniors will be picked up at Benaroya Hall after graduation. Buses will depart promptly at 10:30 p.m. The destination is a surprise, but a sweatshirt and closed-toed shoes are recommended. Buses will return to EC campus Tuesday, June 8 by 6:15 a.m. Parents should plan to pick up their student so they are not driving after being up all night. As a reminder, no cell phones, bags, large oversized jackets or backpacks will be allowed. More information will be forthcoming from the planning committee in the spring.

Not held this year Senior Pilgrimage

Senior Pilgrimage will not be held this year due to the following reasons.

  • Physical distancing guidelines are still in place and the pilgrimage is an all-day hike down a trail that at times is very narrow. The pilgrimage also entails group gatherings for discussions that would be problematic for spacing.
  • The theme of the pilgrimage, and the reason that it is done at the beginning of the year, is the concept of "new beginnings." The script for Senior Pilgrimage is about preparing for senior year and how to make it memorable. Having it this late in the year would require the traditional theme be changed.
  • Transportation to Snoqualmie is done by bus which would be difficult with physical distancing.
  • EC faculty and staff are focused on providing a third Destiny retreat experience. With this retreat on campus, we are able to better control physical distancing while maintaining the traditions of this retreat.
  • The months of April and May are filled with many academic and end of the year activities for seniors. We believe it would be difficult to add another all-day event during this time.
Not held this year Senior Cruise Due to unavailability of the traditional Argosy Cruise ships and very limited capacity numbers with other cruise ship options, the Senior Student Cabinet cancelled the Senior Cruise event this year.
Not held this year Formal Group Portrait