Naviance is an online college and career platform that many high schools have chosen to use as a means of helping students prepare for college and use it as the vehicle to submit documents (transcripts, letters of recommendations and reports) electronically to all colleges and universities.

Upon enrolling at Eastside Catholic in high school, all students and families are provided with registration codes to login and begin using their Naviance accounts. Every student has their own account. Families that have more than one student attending EC may have their accounts linked so that they may view/access all of their students through one account. While parents have access to their student(s) account, parents and students have different login information, usernames and passwords.

In Naviance, tools that can be used for students in grades 9 - 12 include:

  • Career and interest inventories
  • Resume
  • College search engines
  • Scattergrams and other comparison tools that predict likeliness of admission
  • Schedule of colleges visiting Eastside Catholic and registration for the visits
  • Scholarship information

Naviance is required for all EC college applicants.

If at any time students or parents have trouble accessing Naviance, contact a College Counselor or the Registrar for assistance.

Naviance How-To Videos


College Counselor
Last names A-K
Marjorie Hayton

College Counselor

Last name L-Z

Frances Carhart

Registrar & Database Administrator
Kathryn Silverman