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Your gift transforms lives well into the future

A donation to Eastside Catholic is, in many ways, a gift to both the present and the future; it augments every aspect of the educational experience, profoundly shaping our students. Immediately, students who might not otherwise have had access to a Catholic, faith-based education now do, academic and student life is enhanced and our areas of greatest need receive support. Your gift has a ripple effect that will be felt for decades. Students are learning to think critically, to lead with integrity and compassion, to nurture relationships and to serve others. As our students grow into adulthood, those skills will in turn, touch and transform lives. 
As an independent school, Eastside Catholic relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to support us in our efforts to change the lives of young men and women—and, through them, the greater community and world. Through your generosity, last year we were able to add sousaphones to our marching band, provide our faculty and staff with additional professional development and much more. With the support of our families and our community, we are providing more students with an educational experience they will call upon for a lifetime. Your investment in Eastside Catholic validates what we do and is an affirmation that you want to be a part of our future.
Eastside Catholic School gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the individuals and organizations who invest in building Eastside Catholic’s educational tradition.

Please read our 2015-16 Annual Report for more information.