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Middle School

A middle school where students do more than survive, they thrive

Middle school is a critical time in a child’s development. The knowledge and skills acquired during this time are foundational to success in high school and beyond. That is why it makes sense to give your child the benefit of an Eastside Catholic Middle School education.
We offer a smaller, more personalized learning environment and a supportive, welcoming community. Our holistic curriculum includes not only rigorous academics, but also essential life and leadership skills. Students are actively engaged in learning and developing the critical-thinking abilities they need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. Here you will discover a friendly, welcoming community with a focus on Catholic values in action and an emphasis on service and social responsibility. Middle school students are understood, nurtured, respected and loved. Because the school is small, students are known by the teachers and by each other. That can mean the difference between feeling lost and anonymous in the crowd and having a place where they truly belong.

Exploring self and the spirit

During adolescence, students begin to develop their own sense of identity, morality and ethics. Eastside Catholic helps students explore these issues and begin their own personal faith journeys in a safe, welcoming environment, firmly rooted in the values of the Roman Catholic faith.