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Middle School

Academic Recognition

Student-led conferences at the mid-point of the academic year provide each student in grades 6-8 an opportunity to review, reflect on and identify their areas of progress. Each student evaluates their areas of growth and success to acknowledge and celebrate their strengths while identifying any areas of learning that call for improvement. The students share highlights of their classes and school year to date with their parents and teachers. Student-led conferences showcase the efforts and learning of the middle school students, celebrate their progress and accomplishments, and generate pride in knowing they have excelled.

Eighth Grade Promotion marks the end of the middle school experience and the exciting transition to Eastside Catholic High School. A formal ceremony, Promotion celebrates the successful completion of the academic program, as well as recognizes the gifts and talents of the class as a whole. Students share this significant moment with their families and teachers through prayer, music and reflections on their experience during middle school.