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Middle School

6-8 Leadership Skills

Becoming leaders

Everyone has the potential to lead and will frequently be in situations that require their leadership. As such, there are leadership opportunities embedded in all areas of our programs, from academics to sports to after-school activities. From our classrooms to our retreats and prayer services, our athletic fields to projects in our community, students learn to lead. EC Middle School offers leadership training at every grade level to help students build confidence and develop communication and team-building skills, and to encourage creative thinking and innovation.
  • Our grade level teachers meet weekly, brainstorming ideas and setting up the framework for action on the many needs we see all around us.
  • Students attend retreats at each grade level that teach life skills, build confidence and emphasize Catholic values and service to others.
  • Students can serve as ambassadors to represent the school to prospective families at Admissions events.
  • Students can participate in ECMS Leadership which helps to plan and organize assemblies, engage in community service projects and assist the school during Admissions events.