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Middle School


A middle school built around the unique needs of adolescents

Eastside Catholic Middle School serves students in grades six through eight. We welcome our students with respect for who they are and with delight in what they will bring to the world and to our school community. From our dedicated faculty, to our innovative academic, spiritual and leadership initiatives, to our beautiful campus, our comprehensive middle school program is designed to inspire, nurture and support middle school students. We are focused not on exposure to content and activities for their own sake but on outputs--what students can show they have learned.

The middle school embraces standards-driven education and assesses students on the basis of the individual student's ability and progress using a two-part grading system with 1) standard-based grades that assess a student’s achievement related to subject area standards, and 2) letter grades that correlate to the subject area standards and provide an overall understanding of a student’s subject area achievement. Our approach to grading summarizes a student's educational success on proficiency using standard-based assessment.
  • A rigorous academic program gives students a strong foundation of skills and attitudes to promote confidence and lifelong learning in high school and beyond. Our program assures students are well versed in careful and insightful reading, computational skills, research, analysis and written and oral expression.
  • Our carefully designed learning model helps students to develop critical thinking skills and inspires creativity and imagination.
  • Leadership opportunities at every grade level build confidence, develop communication and team-building skills, and encourage creative thinking and innovation.
  • Our Mentor program provides a “middle school family” for each student, made up of a small group of young men and women from his or her grade and a teacher who knows the age group and the students well.
  • Faith-based programs and service initiatives cultivate Catholic values and inspire compassion for others and the world.
  • A friendly, welcoming community engages students and families on many levels.

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