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High School

Teaching the skills you need for the world we live in

Eastside Catholic's innovative educational model will help you uncover the potential within you while giving you the academic and personal skills you need to succeed in our rapidly changing world. The high school curriculum is designed to spark intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking, encourage creativity and inspire deep moral convictions with compassion for others. EC’s rigorous college preparatory program includes 29 AP, UWHS and honors courses, ranging from calculus to studio art. With a student/faculty ratio of 14 to one and small class sizes, teachers get to know each student.

A 21st century model for education

Today’s students face a very different world from the one their parents grew up in. They will compete in a dynamic global economy where new technologies emerge at a dizzying pace and knowledge grows exponentially. In this new paradigm, success depends on not only “what” you know, but also “how” you think, adapt to new situations and work with others.
Our goal is to make sure every student leaves Eastside Catholic as a passionate, life-long learner and highly capable leader, equipped with the reasoning skills to succeed in a complex and interconnected world. Here students are challenged to observe, question, evaluate, discuss and synthesize their understanding of intricate concepts. They are shown true leadership and given ample opportunities to find those qualities within themselves. Furthermore, they are inspired to explore their creativity; taught to master active listening, writing and speaking; and encouraged to develop cultural competence, tolerance and compassion for all people.

Learning to lead

Tapping into each student’s leadership potential is an essential element of the Eastside Catholic experience. From participating in grade-wide retreats to planning and organizing events, every student has extensive hands-on training to gain the necessary skills for a lifetime of confident, compassionate leadership.