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High School

Teaching the skills you need for the world we live in

Eastside Catholic's innovative educational model will help you uncover the potential within you while giving you the academic and personal skills you need to succeed in our rapidly changing world. The high school curriculum is designed to spark intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking, encourage creativity and inspire deep moral convictions with compassion for others. EC’s rigorous college preparatory program includes 29 AP, UWHS and honors courses, ranging from calculus to studio art. With a student/faculty ratio of 14 to one and small class sizes, teachers get to know each student.

Scholar. Artist. Athlete. Leader. Friend. You.

At Eastside Catholic School, you will be challenged daily to acquire the critical thinking, emotional investment and intellectual courage necessary to be a life-long learner. You will be inspired to achieve academic excellence while fully developing your God-given gifts. Faculty and staff take pride in learning about each student and are committed to preparing each one of you for the rigors of college. And, most importantly, you will be encouraged to put your intellect to work in the service of others.

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  • Science

    The science curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in scientific content and the opportunity to study the laws of the natural world through methods of inquiry and scientific investigation. Students practice their knowledge and skills by using critical and analytical approaches to problem solving. Throughout academic experience in the sciences, students will develop the perspective and skills needed to analyze the role of science in their own lives and the natural world around them. Placement in high school science courses is based on previous courses taken, grades received in those courses and teacher recommendation.
  • Math

    Our students live in a mathematical and technological world. To contribute and succeed in their lives, students need an understanding of math concepts, plus skill and fluency in math computation. In addition to essential math knowledge and proficiency, Eastside Catholic students learn individual accountability, critical thinking and collaborative inquiry.

    At Eastside Catholic, all students have the opportunity to maximize intellectual growth and allow for varied career and college choices. Students may advance in the curriculum sequence as they are able. Initial placement in math courses, for both middle and high school, is based on previous courses completed, grades in those courses, teacher recommendation and assessment scores such as ISEE, CTP4, MSP/WASL and IOWA. Additionally, some students will be required to take a placement exam which is available during the registration period each spring or summer. At the high school level, students must earn a grade of C- or better in each prerequisite course to advance to the next course.
  • English

    High school students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of English courses throughout their years at Eastside Catholic. Thinking, analyzing, discussing, reading, writing, presenting and reflecting are significant components of our English curriculum and students actively participate to maximize their learning.
  • Health and Fitness

    Eastside Catholic’s six through 12 physical education is a planned, sequential program of curricula and instruction. Students develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, self-management skills and confidence needed to adopt and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. In physical education courses, students learn, practice and are assessed on developmentally appropriate motor skills, social skills and knowledge as defined by national and state educational standards.
  • Religious Studies

    Eastside Catholic’s Religious Studies department reflects the mission of the Catholic Church and encourages students to explore and develop in their faith through teaching, modeling and promoting Gospel values. Eastside Catholic faculty support balance in the academic discipline of theology and in faith formation that enables students to see, celebrate and live as Catholic Christians in a contemporary world.

    Focused on Jesus Christ as teacher and Savior, this program provides a comprehensive curriculum appropriate for the psychological and faith readiness of each age group. The basic beliefs of Catholicism, the richness of Scripture, tradition, spirituality, Sacrament, Church history and challenges of Christian living are central to religious studies. Students are expected to think critically about contemporary issues as guided by Catholic values, and become young adults who live their faith through prayer, worship, service and social justice. Course curriculum is augmented by varied Campus Ministry retreats and faith experiences, including regular opportunities for Mass.
Graduation Requirements beginning with class of 2016

Social Studies
World Language 
Physical Education