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High School

Teaching the skills you need for the world we live in

Eastside Catholic's innovative educational model will help you uncover the potential within you while giving you the academic and personal skills you need to succeed in our rapidly changing world. The high school curriculum is designed to spark intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking, encourage creativity and inspire deep moral convictions with compassion for others. EC’s rigorous college preparatory program includes 29 AP, UWHS and honors courses, ranging from calculus to studio art. With a student/faculty ratio of 14 to one and small class sizes, teachers get to know each student.

Academic Coaching

The role of the academic coach is to provide assistance and support for high school students identified and qualified for the Academic Coaching program. The student and the coach will determine the consistency and specific meeting details. The meetings will allow time for the coach to provide individualized attention to the student’s needs and work on various strategies, such as goal setting, time management, organization, planner usage and/or Edline checks, review of accommodations, and encouragement to meet with appropriate teachers for additional support.


The coach will initially serve as an advocate for the student, gradually teaching the student to become a self-advocate. The goal at Eastside Catholic is for students to become strong self-advocates and empowered to be in control of their own academic journey. The academic coach and student will work together toward reaching this goal.

Academic Resources

Our Academic Resources program supports high school students with various documented learning disabilities. This program teaches students various methods to enhance their study skills and academic preparation, with particular emphasis on organization, note taking, memory strategies, textbook reading, writing, test taking, the use of relevant technology and self-advocacy to ensure full participation in our academic program. Specific accommodations are determined by Academic Resources after reviewing the results of recent diagnostic education testing (within three years) and/or other relevant physical health information by a licensed professional healthcare provider.