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Campus Ministry

Prayer & Sacrament

Cultivating our relationship with God

"Let us remember... that we are in the holy presence of God." This is the way we begin all moments of prayer at Eastside Catholic. It is the way we cultivate a conscious relationship with God and our participation in a community of faith, hope and love. The sacraments are also celebrated regularly throughout the school year.
  • Each school day begins with a prayer led by a student, teacher or administrator, as do all class periods.
  • Assemblies and athletic home games begin with prayer.
  • The Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi is available for prayer and reflection throughout the school day.
  • The Eucharist is celebrated in our chapel on a regular weekly basis. The middle school and high school gather for division Masses throughout the year. 
  • The entire school also periodically gathers for Mass. Student retreats include a liturgy as well. All-school liturgies are planned by students and faculty.
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is offered on the First Friday of the month.
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered on Wednesdays during Advent and Lent or any time upon request, as is the Sacrament of Anointing for the sick.
All members of the Eastside Catholic community are welcome whenever we gather for prayer.

St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of Eastside Catholic School

Born in 1181 as Giovanni di Bernardone, Francis was the son of Pietro di Bernardone, a rich cloth merchant in Assisi in Italy. He led a wealthy and privileged life, wearing clothes made of the best materials and was well educated. With a future guaranteed in his father's business some of his youth was misspent. His experiences as a soldier, during which time he was a prisoner of war, led him to a more sombre and religious life. He undertook a pilgrimage to Rome and returned to Assisi following spiritual visions and mystical experiences. He decided to devote his life to the Christian faith and renounced all of his wealth preferring to lead a life of poverty.

His evangelical preaching inspired others to follow him and in 1209, Francis and his first followers went to Rome to ask permission from Pope Innocent III to found a new religious order. The pope agreed and Francis d'Assisi became the founder of the Franciscan Order of Preaching Friars. He was said to have preached to birds and animals which explains his association with nature and all of God's creatures. Francis of Assisi is also famous for the Canticle of Brother Sun and Sister Moon. Saint Francis of Assisi died in 1226 of natural causes. He is the patron saint of Italy, animals, merchants and the ecology.   

St. Francis of Assisi…pray for us! Live Jesus in our hearts…forever!
The chapel was placed in the center of our campus to remind us daily that Christ must be at the heart of everything we do as a Catholic School. It’s situated in a location where literally every student has to walk past it each day they are at school. Being the primary location where we celebrate the Eucharist, the chapel is also by extension a constant reminder of Christ's presence in our lives. It is a sacred space where students, faculty, staff, families and alums can gather regularly to renew the well springs of Christ’s love in our lives as well as to rededicate ourselves to the mission He gave the church to be His peace and light for the world.  — Father Heric, Chaplain