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Campus Ministry


Empowering and supporting spiritual growth

At Eastside Catholic we believe that every person is a manifestation of the living God. We hope you will find EC a welcoming place of exploration and growth for wherever you are on your journey of faith. We proudly embrace the Roman Catholic faith tradition of developing the whole person and becoming a “person for others.” At the same time, we both honor and respect the diverse religious traditions and expressions of the EC community. Our desire is that the breadth and depth of our Campus Ministry programs will:
  • Create an environment for open and honest discovery, exploration and development of a school community rooted in faith, hope and the love of Christ
  • Educate and empower members of the school community in a faith that nurtures holiness, character, virtue, and active engagement in the mission of the church
  • Engage students in asking thoughtful and probing questions about the religious, ethical and moral challenges we face in this academic setting and the broader community
  • Support the growth and maturity of the whole person and cultivate active engagement, service and compassion in the world

All Are Welcome Here

Roman Catholic faith and traditions are central to the school experience at EC, but celebrated in a way that welcomes and affirms other religious traditions. Whenever we gather to pray, reflect or serve at Eastside Catholic, we do so as one school community, united as beloved children of God.

Meet Our Team

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  • Chaplain

    Since 1999, Father Heric has served as the chaplain at Eastside Catholic which he calls “the love of his life.”
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  • Campus Minister

    Anna Ricci joined Eastside Catholic in 2014.
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