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An education designed for the 21st century

The intellectual, spiritual and personal growth of our students is the foundation on which our middle school and high school academic programs are built. Our school is well equipped to help our students to soar in a rapidly evolving world.

For high school students, the academic focus is on preparation for college and beyond, with a challenging curriculum and ample opportunities to develop leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives. We also offer extensive college counseling services to assist high school students with the next stage in their academic journey.

Eastside Catholic has a seven-class academic schedule (additional optional classes are offered outside of the regular school day). Students have with the opportunity to expand their learning through electives including AP, honors and UW in the High School (UWHS) courses, or in areas of personal interest, such as the arts.

For middle school students, Eastside Catholic offers a smaller learning environment in which to test their wings, develop sound learning skills and prepare them for high school. Our holistic curriculum includes not only rigorous academics, but also essential life and leadership skills.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Encouraging each student’s spiritual growth is an essential part of an Eastside Catholic education. Prayer services, celebration of the sacraments, leadership retreats and service projects are all part of our campus ministry. And while Catholic faith and traditions are central to the school experience, they are celebrated in a way that welcomes and affirms all faith traditions.