Student Medical Authorization Forms

As we head into the winter season, there are inherent illnesses that can arise, and medications may be prescribed on physician visits that need to be taken at school, such as antibiotics or inhalers. Eastside Catholic medication policy requires physician/parental authorization for all medications taken by students on campus or attending school events both on campus or school-sanctioned overnight events. These include medications not normally taken at school while participating in after-hour or overnight events and medications needed when illness arises.

Please make sure to obtain the required physician orders during a doctor visit so that medication can be taken or dispensed at school. When filling prescriptions, ask for a second pharmacy bottle where a day’s dose of the medication can be carried at school (for high school students) or delivered to the Health Room (for middle school students).

EC medication policy requires all medications taken at school to have physician authorization (prescribed meds and over-the-counter meds for middle school), and parental authorization is required for all students. Medication delivered to school needs to be in the pharmacy or original over-the-counter bottle.  

There are separate medication authorization forms for high school and middle school. Please review the appropriate authorization for your student.

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