Junior Earns Cascade Warbirds Scholarship

Congratulations to junior Alex Szrama, who was awarded a 2021 Continuing Aviation Grant from Cascade Warbirds. Alex was also awarded a Private Pilot Ground School scholarship from Cascade Warbirds earlier this year.

High School Principal Ryan Aiello said, “We are exceptionally proud of Alex’s commitment to her studies, as well as her passion for and talent in aviation. She is a shining example of how our students excel both in and out of the classroom.”

Alex applied for the scholarship as she recognized the high cost of the flight training required for a pilot’s license. The scholarship program offers the Continuing Aviation Education Grant to one scholarship recipient who intends to earn their FAA private pilot certificate within the following year. Applicants must complete the ground school course, both introductory flights and submit an essay by September 30 of the scholarship year. Funds are released to the winner of the best essay in stages as the recipient completes training milestones: $1,000 after completing their first solo flight, $1,000 after completing their long solo cross-country and $500 after earning the private pilot certificate.

Alex shared how she first became involved with aviation. “My dad has his private pilot license and thought I’d be interested in flying too. He arranged an introductory flight at Harvey Field for me, and I immediately loved the adventure and freedom of flying. I joined the Civil Air Patrol in seventh grade, and as a member, I’ve flown orientation flights and learned more about aerospace and aviation.”

“Thanks to the opportunity given to me by Cascade Warbirds, my next goal is to continue flight instruction, fly solo and receive my private pilot license,” Alex said about her plans. “My future goal is to be accepted into the US Air Force Academy and become a military pilot.”

As for advice for younger students who are interested in aviation, Alex said, “I feel like I’m still fairly new at this myself, but I’d encourage anyone interested in joining the Civil Air Patrol to explore different aspects of aviation and space flight, and to experience the excitement of piloting a small aircraft.”

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