Community Service Expectations for 2022-23

As service organizations again welcome volunteers, community service expectations for the 2022-23 school year will be reinstated. See below for expectations and recommendations by grade level.

  • For high school students, 25 hours is recommended per year to reach the 100 hours required for graduation.
  • Once a middle school student has served their required 35 hours, the expectation is met (regardless of the year of completion).
  • Total hours for students who enroll after the fall semester of 2022-23 will be prorated according to their enrollment date.

Hours served over the summer will count towards 2022-23 expectations. Questions? Please contact Director of Campus Ministry Lynn Kittridge.

  • Seniors: 25 hours
  • Juniors: 25 hours
  • Sophomores: 25 hours
  • Freshmen: 25 hours
  • Eighth grade students: 20 hours
  • Seventh grade students: 15 hours
  • Sixth grade students: 10 hours

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