Fundraising Approval Form


The Advancement Office officially coordinates all fundraising for Eastside Catholic School. This office must be consulted before initiating or announcing any fundraising activities involving administrators, faculty, staff, coaches, students, alumni, friends, foundations, corporations or other organizations, either within or outside the school. 
All fundraising initiatives to raise philanthropic dollars must be cleared by the Advancement Office prior to an activity taking place. Examples include:
  • Bake sales
  • Donation drives
  • Personal solicitations for cash and in-kind gifts, sponsorships, events and auctions
  • Any activities for which there is the expectation that the proceeds will be deposited into an account at Eastside Catholic School

Please note: All forms will be reviewed at the weekly Operations Meeting which is held on Wednesdays during the school year.

It's strictly prohibited to use Venmo, Zelle or other means to collect money on behalf of EC.

Fundraising Approval Policy Guidelines

Please read and keep for your records.

Eastside Catholic School is pleased to be selected as the beneficiary of financial support from special fundraising programs, events or projects by generous individuals, groups and organizations. 

In order to curtail over solicitation of our donors/sponsors, a complete review of planned solicitations is required. In conjunction with that, it is necessary to ensure that all proposed fund-raising events or appeals are registered and authorized. The following is required: 

  1. Completion and return of the “Fundraising Approval Form” for review and consideration of authorization to conduct any event or appeal.
  2. No commercialism that would reflect poorly on Eastside Catholic School.
  3. The Advancement and Communications departments must approve all printed materials prior to their distribution.
  4. Event organizer agrees to obtain all required permits or licenses.
  5. Advertising and Sponsorship differ. Sponsorship is charitable in nature; advertising is not. Please provide clear distinction on the “Fundraising Clearance Form” so the funds may be properly accounted for.
  6. Receipts for in-kind contributions do not include an amount, per Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The receipt will include a description of the item donated. The value of the in-kind gift will be recorded on the donor’s gift record.
  7. The market value of any goods or services received by participants is deducted from the amount paid to determine the charitable amount. If the charitable amount is less than $5, no receipt will be issued.

Questions? Please contact the Advancement Office at 425-295-3028 or

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