Middle School Athletics

Growing both in body and spirit

Eastside Catholic Middle School is committed to helping all young people grow and maintain healthy bodies as well as strong spirits and active intellects. We want our students to enjoy an active life; therefore, we emphasize collaboration, inclusion and skill development in all our sports and physical education programs.

In addition to our required fitness and health curriculum, the middle school participates in the Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) athletic program. Our athletics program is consistent with the mission and vision of our school and the philosophy of the Archdiocese of Seattle. We encourage all students to be involved in at least one CYO team during each year of middle school.

If you have questions about CYO athletics at EC, please contact Cora Kimbrough at ckimbrough@eastsidecatholic.org or 425-295-3168.

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

Athletic programs are seen as one way of implementing the mission of CYO. Program goals include increasing:

  • Self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Interpersonal competence
  • A sense of caring toward others
  • Skills development

Youth are brought together from different parishes, schools and social backgrounds in an atmosphere that fosters the recognition of one's strengths and limitations, the lessons of winning and losing, and respect for all involved: fellow players, opponents, coaches and officials. In other words, CYO is in the business of teaching life values that aid boys and girls in their development toward adulthood. It is worth noting that CYO Athletics does not view itself primarily as a sport developmental program.

Additional Middle School Athletic Opportunities

These additional Crusaders Junior programs are available to our middle school student athletes:

  • Eastside Crusaders Junior Football (ECJF) is a contact football program for ages 7 - 14. Teams are formed by age and weight, and the season runs from early August through October. ECJF also offers a cheer program for ages 7 - 14. Practices and home games are held at Eastside Catholic. For more information, please visit the ECJF website at eastsidejuniorfootball.org or contact ECJF Board Member John Luger Jr. at john@eastsidejuniorfootball.org.
  • Eastside Crusaders Youth Lacrosse (ECYL) offers spring lacrosse for boys and girls grades 6 - 8. All home games are played at Eastside Catholic School and practices are held at either Eastside Catholic or other local fields. For more information, please visit the ECYL website or contact ECYL Board Member Vicki Harbottle at vickiharbottle@live.com.

Eastside Crusaders Junior Football and Eastside Crusaders Youth Lacrosse are not administered by Eastside Catholic School. Questions and inquiries should be sent to those programs directly.

Athletic Department Staff

Athletic Director
Stacey Stoutt

CYO Athletic Coordinator
Cora Kimbrough

Athletic Trainer
Kristin Kracht

​For Parents of Student Athletes