Visual Arts


The Visual Arts Program helps students develop curiosity, creativity and the spirit of wonder. Each student learns to see and express reflections of the divine through the medium of visual arts.

By engaging in the creative process, students develop life skills such as perseverance, collaboration, critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving. Students learn a deliberate process of planning, engaging in trial and error, participating and giving feedback in critiques and reflecting on their abilities and growth. They also study technique, skill, concept, expression and analysis.

Middle School art courses are designed to develop artistic confidence and serve as a foundation for future studies in visual arts. As students develop an understanding of the elements and principles of art, they also make connections with other disciplines of study, especially with humanities. Through hands-on experiences with varied materials and techniques, students are encouraged to experiment and develop their problem-solving skills.

Reflection and self-evaluation are incorporated into every project and are important to the student's growth and understanding of the artistic process.

The High School Visual Arts Program focuses on artistic growth and independence. Classes are designed to give students in-depth knowledge in the use of specific media, the artistic process, art analysis and criticism and how to visually make global, historical and contemporary connections across multiple disciplines and cultures. Students are encouraged to express their creativity and aesthetic vision in their artwork, reflect on their progress, evaluate their work as well as the work of master artists and peers, and evaluate their work to strive for progress and growth.

Students are encouraged to participate in art competitions throughout the year, as well as our annual Art Walk. Held every spring, the EC Art Walk is an all-school art exhibit celebrating our students' accomplishments throughout the year.

Lucas Kok

High School Arts Teacher



Megan McDermott

High School Arts Teacher



Alan Ordoña

High School, Middle School Visual Arts