Music Electives

EC also offers a number of music electives available to students with a wide range of musical backgrounds and interests.

AP Music Theory

The focus of this course is harmonic and melodic music theory, sight singing and ear training. Students work both independently and in cooperative groups. This course culminates with the AP Music Theory exam in May.


EC is unique in offering guitar, and students may take both beginning and advanced guitar classes. No previous experience or audition is required. This group of talented students perform throughout the year including Lunchbox Jams, assemblies and at Mass. Students studying guitar also take pride in creating one or two music videos each year.


Songwriting courses explore the art and discipline of writing songs that touch our hearts and our souls. The classes will examine the work of great songwriters of various eras and genres. Students will expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of music and poetic devices that advance appreciation of the song form. This course will involve full original songwriting projects and a collaborative recording project to document their work.

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David Yackley

High School Performing Arts Teacher