The Music Program supports students at all levels from novice beginners trying to sing or play an instrument, to accomplished musicians looking to sharpen their skills. The instrumental programs include both ensemble and solo performance opportunities, and the choir program is one of the strongest in the Pacific Northwest. Through this program, students grow musically, personally and spiritually.

The EC music faculty is active in the larger music community, leading to exceptional opportunities to perform and participate in community concerts, workshops and competitions.

Students of all levels are encouraged to develop both strong musical skills and an appreciation for the personal and spiritual enrichment that is unique to the musical experience.

Middle School Music at EC: A Unique Opportunity

All sixth-grade students take Music 6, which is choir (vocal music) and band (instrumental music) at the same time. This program is unique to EC and allows students to explore both instrumental and vocal aspects of musical expression early on. Students learn to play a concert band instrument, practice proper vocal techniques and develop music literacy skills. Music 6 is team-taught by our band and choir instructors.

High School: Deepen Skills and Appreciation

Our high school program offers band, choir, orchestra, guitar and even songwriting, among other options. As with the middle school, the dedicated faculty encourages students to grow in musical skill level and an appreciation for musical expression.