The Performing Arts Program at EC elevates students from participants to creators. Students here learn to listen and respond authentically and build genuine relationships while embodying fictional characters.

The skills built through the Drama Program are life skills that extend well beyond it. Student actors learn how to provide and grow from constructive critique, developing their skills as actors and as discerning members of the audience. Students also learn the value of taking creative risks, of building interpersonal relationships and how to engage empathetically with new and different perspectives.

A methodological approach

In their theatrical studies, students in both the beginning and advanced courses are introduced to a wide variety of acting philosophies and methods like improv theater and Uta Hagen’s acting exercises and viewpoints. Students also learn and practice the methodologies of well-known acting teachers, such as Stanislavski, Strasburg, Adler and Meisner.

A course in technical theater

The technical theater course offers students a behind-the-scenes perspective of the stage and theater magic, allowing students to experiment with lighting, audio and effects, set design and dramaturgy. The technical theater students are also responsible for constructing the sets for all major productions throughout the school year.