Arts Overview

See the world in new ways by cultivating God-given artistic gifts

The EC Arts Program helps students discover their creative abilities, inspires them to see the world and understand our relationship to God in new ways. Our program offers a broad range of classes, activities and performance groups. In addition to classwork, students enjoy a myriad of opportunities to perform live, including choir concerts, drama, musical productions, jazz, marching band, visual art displays and more.

The arts have always played an important role in Catholic life, helping us experience the divine through music, visual arts and drama. Course offerings incorporate an understanding of this tradition with modern techniques, benefiting students in all grades who study drama, music, visual arts, digital media, photography and more.




Where taking creative risks benefit students on and off stage

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Instrumental and choir for students at all levels of experience

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Visual Arts

visual arts

Inspiring creative expression in a variety of artistic mediums

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