Our values may be timeless, but our technology is state-of-the-art

1:1 Technology Program

Technology is an incredibly powerful tool that, when used appropriately, enhances teaching and learning and supports overall academic excellence. Moreover, technology skills are now essential for success in higher education, the workplace and lifelong learning. The 1:1 program is designed to ensure that every student is both fluent in current technology and flexible in adapting to new technologies as they arise.

How it works

Each student purchases a device through the school that is used throughout and beyond the school day. The student owns the device so no locking software is installed. Since all students have the same device, teachers can fully integrate them into the curriculum as all students have access to the same software or capabilities.

This ensures equal access to both the technology tools themselves and the high-quality, up-to-date content only modern technology can provide.

In addition, since students can access course materials and collaborate with classmates digitally at any time, the virtual classroom is extended beyond the school building and school hours.

Flexible use for optimal learning

Some studies show that certain types of learning happen better when handwritten, so the device chosen for the students allows writing with a stylus (also called "digital inking") when appropriate.

Technology in the curriculum

Teachers use technology throughout the curriculum to encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. Students also have access to technology-specific courses, including programming languages, design and more.

Technology fluency

Our goal is to ensure that students are both comfortable with the technologies available today and adaptable to whatever technologies will be developed in the future. Students learn to:

  • Use technology to communicate across disciplines
  • Master various forms of technological communication
  • Demonstrate responsibility in using devices
  • Exchange and challenge new ideas through technology
  • Use technology as a tool for exemplary work

Device Ordering Information

New students are required to purchase a device provided by the school. Currently, the school provides the option of either a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga L13 Gen 4 Yoga or Microsoft Surface Pro 10 device.

Every device will be required to have an extended accidental damage protection warranty from the manufacturer.  If you would like more information about the warranty, please view additional information from Microsoft or Lenovo.

Please contact Office Manager Liz Anderson at 425-295-3000 if you have any general questions or concerns about the program or questions about purchasing a device.

Technology Team

Director of Technology
Tyler Runnells

Senior Systems Administrator
Allan Hoffman

IT Support Specialist
Jereth Krehmeier

IT Support Specialist
Jason Jones

Device Support

For issues with your EC device, contact IT Support.