Student Services

The Student Services Department offers a wide range of services to support all students with our caring and knowledgeable staff who are committed to helping students thrive. Our trained team of both school and college counselors provide guidance and planning for students and families.

Student Services provides the following:

  • Academic advising and support
  • Social and emotional support
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Testing accomodations
  • College exploration and application services
  • Career services

College Counseling

EC offers an outstanding college-preparatory program. We strive to help students explore options and find the best post-secondary pathway. Last year, 99 percent of our graduating seniors entered a four-year undergraduate program and EC's college counselors provided students and families with personal support every step of the way. Learn more on our College Counseling webpage.

Graduation Requirements

Class of 2019 and beyond:

4 years of English
2 years of arts (minimum 1 year of visual and/or performing arts)1
0.5 year of health

3 years of mathHECB (minimum Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II; four years are recommended)
1.5 years of physical education2
3 years of science (minimum 3 years of lab science - physics, biology and chemistry recommended for college admissions; 4 years of science are recommended)
3 years of social studies (world history, U.S. history and American government at a minimum)3
4 years of religious studies4
2 years of the same world language5 (3 years are recommended)

52 credits are required for graduation
110 hours of community service
  • Freshmen = 25 hours per year
  • Sophomores = 25 hours per year
  • Juniors = 30 hours per year
  • Seniors = 30 hours per year

1 Students may substitute coursework for one year of art if other courses would better help them meet their educational and career goals.
HECB Higher Education Coordinating Board establishes state of Washington “minimum general under­graduate admission standards for four-year institutions.” Senior-year math-based quantitative course: During the senior year of high school, students must earn a credit in a math-based quantitative course, unless they complete a higher-level math course prior to senior year, such as pre-calculus or calculus.
2 Students must take 1.5 years of fitness (PE) unless excused per RCW 28A.230.050. All freshmen must take physical education 9. Up to one year of physical education may be waived upon submission of the P.E. waiver form to Student Services.
3 It is a graduation requirement for all students to complete Washington State history. This requirement may be waived by the principal for students who: (i) Have successfully completed a state history course of study in another state; or (ii) are in eleventh or twelfth grade and who have not completed a course of study in Washington’s history and state government because of previous residence outside the state. If students have not met this requirement or these waivers do not apply, students will be given one of two options to complete an independent study course. Students should see their counselor to arrange this.
4 Eastside Catholic requires that students must earn a religious studies credit for each semester while enrolled at EC.
5 Any world language course taken prior to high school does not fulfill this requirement.

Transcript Requests

Alumni can request a copy of their transcript by emailing the school Registrar Kathy Silverman at with the below information.

There is no fee for transcript requests.

For an Official Transcript

  • Full Legal Name (please include maiden name if applicable)
  • Year of Graduation
  • Date of Birth
  • Organization’s name, mailing address and email of where you would like the transcript sent

For an Unofficial Transcript

  • Full Legal Name (please include maiden name if applicable)
  • Year of Graduation
  • Date of Birth

High School Counselor (A-K)
Autumn Slater

High School Counselor (L-Z)
Jena Ayers

College Counselor (A-K)
Marjorie Hayton

College Counselor (L-Z)
Jennifer Hemker

Middle School Counselor
Sam Baker

Registrar and Database Administrator
Kathy Silverman

Dean of Students
Amber Johnson

Student Services Coordinator
Karin House