Learning Support Services

We want every student to succeed in Eastside Catholic’s academically challenging environment. Therefore, we offer several structured programs for students who may need additional learning support.

Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides educational support for students who may experience difficulty with the transition to high school or with the demands of a college preparatory curriculum. Students may enroll in a full year of study skills and/or meet with an Academic Mentor to help them plan for and achieve academic success. ACE has a particular focus on helping students with executive functioning challenges.

Academic Resources

The Academic Resources program provides support to high school students with documented learning disabilities. Students learn various methods to enhance their study skills and academic preparation, with particular emphasis on understanding their learning styles, organization, note taking, memory strategies, test taking, the use of relevant technology and self-advocacy to ensure full participation in our academic program.


You do not need to be enrolled in one of our academic support programs to receive accommodations at Eastside Catholic. School. Please contact Program Director Wendy Burnham at 425-295-3179 or wburnham@eastsidecatholic.org if you require accommodations.

Specific college-approved accommodations are granted after a review of:

  • recent diagnostic education testing or
  • other relevant physical health information by a licensed professional healthcare provider.