Learning Support Services

We want every student to succeed in Eastside Catholic’s academically challenging environment. Therefore, we offer several structured programs for students who may need additional learning support.

Learning Support Services at Eastside Catholic School serves the entire community by providing support to the diverse learning needs of students and guidance to families and faculty on a wide range of topics, including learning differences, giftedness, stress and anxiety, and adolescent development.

Additionally, we assist students and faculty with classroom and testing accommodations, tutor referrals and an Academic Resources class for students who would benefit from high-frequency, individualized support.

We believe that student potential can occur in various combinations, with students excelling in some areas but needing support in others. We support a learning environment where students are surrounded by people who may not think the same way. This variety helps prepare students for the real world, where they will interact with individuals with a wide range of abilities and different approaches to working. 

To apply for accommodations at EC, please fill out the form linked below.

Contact Learning Support Services

Academic Resources Department Chair Brandi Faith