Two Teachers Selected as College Board Advanced Placement Readers

We are proud to celebrate two teachers who were selected to read for the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams in June: Danielle Maletta and Lisa Snow. Ms. Maletta will evaluate and score the AP Statistics exam in Kansas City, Missouri and Ms. Snow will evaluate and score the AP English Literature and Composition exam in Salt Lake City, Utah. Approximately 18,000 college faculty and AP teachers from around the world were selected to evaluate and score about 25 million free-response answers.

“We are extremely proud of Danielle and Lisa for being selected for this honor,” High School Principal Barbara Swann said. “Teachers are invited because of their extensive AP teaching experience and expertise and these two teachers are great representatives of model AP teachers at Eastside Catholic and around the world.”

As AP Readers, Ms. Maletta’s and Ms. Snow’s experiences will directly benefit their students in AP Statistics and AP English Literature and Composition. Ninety-seven percent of 2018 AP Readers indicated that they made changes to the way they teach based upon their participation. AP Readers are mentored by teams of experienced AP Reading leaders to effectively and consistently apply scores to student responses. AP Readers also benefit by earning continuing education units and professional development hours.

“Reading [for AP tests] is one of the top professional development options available for AP teachers,” Ms. Snow said. “Having the experience of grading the test will help to hone my ability to prepare students for the expectations of the exam.”

Ms. Maletta and Ms. Snow will have access to the quality and depth of student responses from the entire pool of AP exam takers, instead of being limited to student work from a single class or single school. AP teachers from around the country collaborate to grade AP exams and are joined by college faculty who share their ideas and expertise.

“Each evening [after grading AP exams], teachers share strategies and materials that are effective in their own classrooms,” Ms. Maletta said. “I hope to bring back these strategies and materials to help my own students.”

The AP Program anticipates 2.8 million students from around the globe will participate in more than 5 million AP exams this year.