Teachers Achieve National Board Certification

We are proud to celebrate five teachers who were recently notified that they had successfully completed the challenging process of earning National Board Certification (NBCT). Eastside Catholic is one of only 370 schools nationwide to have three or more teachers achieve NBCT status this year and one of 150 schools in the state (out of nearly 3,000) to have ten or more nationally board certified teachers on staff! The following faculty members earned the profession’s highest mark of achievement:

•     Piper Deardorff (Lake City resident), High School Social Studies

•     Sean Henderson (Sammamish resident), High School Mathematics

•     Amanda Longo (Redmond resident), High School Mathematics

•     Aimee O’Donnell (Newcastle resident), High School English

•     Erin Weaver (Maple Valley resident), High School Mathematics

“Eastside Catholic School is blessed with many teachers who continually stretch themselves to become the very best in their chosen career,” said Eastside Catholic School Interim President Tom Lord. “Representing our school community, I am excited and honored to introduce our most recent National Board awardees: Piper Deardorff, Sean Henderson, Amanda Longo, Aimee O’Donnell and Erin Weaver. I thank all our awardees for engaging in this arduous process. EC students are the primary beneficiaries of the work required for a teacher to be certified as a National Board Member. I offer all our awardees my thanks, my praise and my blessings.”

National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential and is predicated on a teacher’s ability and commitment to five core areas:

1.   Commitment to students and their learning

2.   Knowledge of the subjects they teach and how to teach these subjects to students

3.   Responsibility for managing and monitoring student learning

4.   Systematic approaches regarding teaching practices and continuous improvement as a teacher

5.   Membership in professional learning communities

“Earning my National Board Teaching certification was rigorous, but rewarding,” said Erin Weaver. “This performance-based program allowed me the opportunity to assess my teaching choices and to develop curriculum and evaluation strategies designed to enhance student success. Professional feedback from peers, locally and nationally, provides the opportunity to continue to develop and use the best practices currently in education. This certification makes an immediate impact in the classroom as I interact with students and their families.”

In addition to the five newly certified teachers, five other Eastside Catholic School faculty members were previously awarded their National Board Certification:

•     Danielle Maletta, High School Mathematics and Robotics

•     Tara Maloney, High School Science

•     Karen Mathewson, Middle School Science

•     Megan McDermott, High School Visual Arts

•     Erin Vickers, Middle School Science

Substantial time and energy is expended by an educator in pursuit of National Board Certification. Over and above a teacher’s typical workload, the NBCT process requires a teacher to analyze their teaching context and students’ needs, submit videos of their teaching and provide student work samples that demonstrate growth and achievement.

Applicants must also submit a reflective analysis that demonstrates a strong command of content and showcases their ability to design appropriate learning experiences that advance student learning. The process typically takes more than a year to complete.