Students Learn CPR and Receive Heart Screenings

Nick of Time Foundation visited campus and administered ECG Youth Heart Screenings to 310 high school students on October 4. Not only were volunteer doctors, nurses and medical personnel able to screen our students, but they also taught them how to use an AED, how to administer CPR and about the efforts they can take to prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

The heart screen consisted of a heart health survey to investigate signs and symptoms or family history of a cardiac condition, recording a student’s blood pressure, a heart sounds physical and a 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). All results were reviewed onsite by cardiologists and sports physicians experienced in ECG heart screenings. Through this process, we were able to identify four students who will be sent for a follow up with a cardiologist.

The mission of Nick of Time Foundation is to prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest in children and young adults and increase awareness with the goal of saving lives through community heart screenings. The foundation was established in memory of Nicholas Dwain Varrenti who died from Sudden Cardiac Arrest in 2004. Learn more at