Sixth Grade Student Wins "Seattle's Child" Poetry Contest

Congratulations to sixth grade student Chris Morales who was announced as one of five winners of the Seattle's Child Magazine's kids' poetry contest in honor of Poetry Month in April. Read his poem, "The Sea" below and learn more about the contest here.

The waves, the waves, move up and down.
Waves that wash away the town.
Go to the beach and stand on the shore.
You will see many waves galore.
And round the waves, there is land
With caves and bluffs and weeds and sand.
Says the weeds “I even bear,
Some dandelions in my hair.”
Says the cave “As you may know,
I house a sapling, soon to grow.”
And then the sand, though small in size,
Still strong, pretty, and grand in my eyes.
The sea is a wonderful place to live.
Because it does not take, it only gives.