Middle School First Quarter Touchstone Awards 2018-19

Congratulations to our middle school students for their success during the first quarter of the 2018-19 school year!

Sixth-Grade Quarter Awards

  • Academic Excellence: Abigail Bernstein
  • Servant Leadership: Piper Brunner
  • Relationships: Miles Norman

Piper Brunner, Abby Bernstein and Miles Norman

Seventh-Grade Quarter Awards

  • Academic Excellence: Paige Kirby
  • Servant Leadership: Audrey Bertsch
  • Relationships: Alejandro Pulido

Paige Kirby, Alejandro Pulido and Audrey Bertsch

Eighth-Grade Quarter Awards

  • Academic Excellence: Lance Boone
  • Servant Leadership: Alyssa Bulai
  • Relationships: Carina Veteri

Carina Veteri, Alyssa Bulai and Lance Boone

Sam Damiano Community Service Awards

  • Sixth-grade: Genevieve Roy
  • Seventh-grade: Casey Tebben
  • Eighth-grade: Angelina Lai

Angelina Lai, Genny Roy and Casey Tebben

All-State Band and Choir

  • Choir: Angelina Arasavelli and Sophie Florescu
  • Band: Alex Lv

Angelina Arasavelli, Sophie Florescu and Alex Lv

Physical Education Student of the Quarter

  • Sixth-grade: Ella Schutz
  • Seventh-grade: Alexander Ingalls
  • Eighth-grade: Mjracle Sheppard

Alexander Ingalls and Ella Schutz