Middle School First Quarter Touchstone Awards
Congratulations to our middle school students for their success during the first quarter of the 2017-18 school year!


  • Academic Excellence - Wesley Roduin
  • Relationships - Will Harbottle
  • Servant Leadership - Amy Decaire


  • Academic Excellence - Natalie Barlow
  • Relationships - Zach Hartman
  • Servant Leadership - Ellery Norton


  • Academic Excellence - Vivian Guy
  • Relationships - Megan Zunker
  • Servant leadership - Sam Niehl

Service Awards:

Sophia Toll, Alex Lv and Natalie Nelson

All-State Choir:

Riley Grady and Addison Lewis

All-State Band:

Nick Cherry and Alex Lv

The EC Way Awards:

Jordan Cave, Will Harbottle, Isabel Jimenez, Lulu Maki, Andrew Needham, Jake Tiryakioglu, Amanda Ramos, Ellery Norton, Zach Hartman, Giulia Maria Marchetti, Logan Cantrall, Isabella Sereux, Jackson Widmer, Kate Bowser, Jordan Shaw, Caiden Bertsch, Aidan Williams, Natalie Nelson, Logan Smith, Sydney Terry, Sophia Friedl, Kaitlyn Bray