Megan McDermott's '99 Artwork Accepted to Teachers as Artists Exhibition

Megan McDermott's ‘99 artwork was accepted into the annual collaborative exhibition of Teachers as Artists Exhibition, which will open March 15 and remain on view until April 25 at Maryhill Museum of Art in Glendale, Washington. The collection will also be online at Once concluded at Maryhill Museum, the exhibition travels to the Tacoma Art Museum. 

Megan’s artwork is an original, 12” x 16” woodcut print of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly called the Duomo Cathedral of Florence, Italy. Woodcuts are a form of relief printing in which a block of wood is carved, leaving the raised image. In relief printing, the ink is applied to the raised areas, and that is pressed onto the paper. 

Megan participated in the Gonzaga in Florence study abroad program during college, which was the inspiration for her artwork. Congratulations Megan!