Honor Societies New Inductees

Congratulations to the newest members of the French National Honor Society and the National Honor Society! Students will be members starting next school year.

Students become eligible for French National Honor Society if they have maintained an "A" average in their third semester of French studies at the high school level and at least a "B" average in overall studies while remaining actively enrolled in French studies during their high school career. Responsibilities of FNHS members include tutoring other students taking French, organizing and running the French Club activities throughout the year and assisting with Taco/Crepe Tuesday in the fall, a fundraiser that supports Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs in Haiti.

Students become eligible for National Honor Society with a cumulative GPA of 3.7 over at least three semesters at the high school level. Students are also assessed based on their scholarship, leadership, service and character, the four tenets of NHS. Students who are members of the society complete additional community service each year in tutoring or coaching.

French National Honor Society Inductees

  • Jessica Bond
  • Jenna Chiarella
  • Avery Cobb
  • Lauren Cruickshank
  • Heather Halverson
  • Fabiana Pulido
  • Emma Szanyi

National Honor Society Inductees

  • Aurora Anderson
  • Bradley Anderson
  • Theodore Arasavelli
  • Cameron Baklenko
  • Adam Beattie
  • Jonathan Bechtol
  • Hailey Blackburn
  • Mary Blockhan
  • Lizzie Blockhus
  • Lauren Bowser
  • Lauren Bray
  • Natalia Brown
  • Randall Caler
  • Audrey Canel
  • Aidan Cantine
  • Bret Craig
  • Lauren Cruickshank
  • Spencer Ewart
  • Megan Flandreau
  • Sophia Giustino
  • Christopher Grazko
  • Heather Halverson
  • Eva Hartman
  • Jakob Kaufman
  • Margaux Kelly
  • Marcos Lacouture
  • Jonathan Lai
  • Sarah Leach
  • Aidan Lowry
  • Nick Mackenzie
  • Taylor Mallalieu
  • Jenn Manelski
  • Grace Marshall
  • Serena Martin
  • Caroline McCall
  • Riley McMann
  • Bryan Meier
  • Benjamin Meyer
  • Hailie Mitchell
  • Alex Murawski
  • Oshiogwe Nash-Haruna
  • Caledonia Norton
  • Alexa Padilla
  • Anthony Pella
  • Hailey Prochaska
  • Ashlyn Prukop
  • Alaina Reasoner
  • Emma Robinson
  • Emily Roduin
  • Liv Schaefer
  • Samantha Serex
  • Kate Simmons
  • Madison Smith
  • Andrew Sprague
  • Sarah Toll
  • Natalie Weed
  • Hailey Weeks
  • Meadow Wilkins
  • Zoe Wilkins
  • Ian Wood
  • Anika Wottreng
  • Hannah Zunker

French National Honor Society

National Honor Society