Eastside Catholic Teacher Awarded James Madison Memorial Fellowship Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that Eastside Catholic High School Social Studies Teacher Paul Morrisroe has been awarded a James Madison Fellowship by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, which will fund up to $24,000 of Mr. Morrisroe’s studies towards a master’s degree.

“Being admitted to the James Madison Memorial Fellowship means a lot,” Morrisroe said. “It is a selective process, as they only pick one social studies teacher for each state. I am incredibly honored and humbled that this organization is taking time and money to invest in me.”

The fellowship, directed toward current and prospective teachers of American history and social studies, supports graduate study of the history and principles of the U.S. Constitution. A total of 49 fellowships were awarded in 2020 to applicants from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the nation’s island and trust territories. 

Funded by income from a trust fund in the Treasury of the United States and from additional private gifts, corporate contributions and foundation grants, the fellowship requires each recipient to teach American history or social studies in a secondary school for at least one year for each year of fellowship support. The fellowship’s goal is to recognize distinguished teachers, strengthen their knowledge of the American constitutional government and expose the nation’s students to accurate knowledge of the constitutional heritage of the United States.  

Eastside Catholic High School Principal Barbara Swann said, “I am so proud of Paul’s dedication to civic engagement and continual professional growth. This impressive honor is a great reflection of his commitment to his own education, and the education of our students.”

The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation was established by Congress in 1986 to improve teaching about the U.S. Constitution in secondary schools. The Foundation is an independent agency of the Executive Branch of the federal government.