DECA Area 4 2021 Competition Results

Our 73 DECA students participated in the Area 4 competition in January, which included competing against other students in their chosen category, taking a 100-point test and preparing a virtual role play presentation. Of our 73 students, 33 were either a finalist, meaning they achieved a top score in their test or role play, or they qualified for state. Congratulations to these outstanding students!

Evelyn Aitken
Christopher Andrews
Charles Arnold
Gianna Barton
Kate Bowser
Kaitlyn Bray
Hunter Broughton
Jonathan Butler
Abigail Delorey
Samantha Foote
Caitlyn Gray
Gaia Gray
Haley Hannley
Jack Harbottle
Blake Harder
William Heutchy
Kyla Johnston
Ann Kauffman
Cody Keele
Edward Kong
Katherine Leach
Jenna Marti
Kate Millis
Claire Murawski
Elizabeth Pan
Briana Post
Elle Pratt
Laurel Stanton
Connor Travaillot
Alivia Uribe
Carter Wax
Brendan Widup
Andrew Wolf