Art Students Creatively Give Back to Haiti

Students in Ms. O’Donnell’s Advanced Drawing and Painting and AP Studio Art classes worked with the Memory Project this year, a nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create and donate portraits to youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges such as violence, disasters, extreme poverty, neglect and loss of parents.

Photos of children from Les Cayes, Haiti were sent to our students and 3,000 other students around the world. The students took these photos and created portraits out of them to send back to the children as a gift. This global exchange allowed our students to give back to a community that lost a lot in Hurricane Irma. Students learned how to capture the human face and played with various materials before deciding how to creatively make the child’s portrait.

This eight minute video from the Memory Project shows our students working on their projects and children in Haiti receiving the portraits that our students and students from around the world created.