Emergency Closure Information

Be prepared for school schedule changes

Occasionally the weather or other events may force a change in the normal school routine. Eastside Catholic has both a process to make decisions concerning cancellation or delay of school and a communications system to share information with students and parents.

How are decisions made?

While preserving the safety of the students is clearly the highest priority, Eastside Catholic also endeavors to adhere to the established school calendar when possible. These factors are considered in relation to the risk-level involved in transporting students when weather conditions are questionable.

Please remember that your neighborhood may be impacted more or less than the school's location and to make your decisions on your student traveling to school based on the conditions where you live.

Information about school closures or delays

Whenever possible, decisions regarding a school closure or delay are made by 5 a.m. During inclement weather, check one of the following resources between 5 and 8 a.m. for school schedule updates:

  • FlashAlert.net: Sign up online to receive email or text emergency notifications and download a free app called FlashAlert Messenger
  • School website: eastsidecatholic.org
  • Puget Sound area radio and television stations
  • Eastside Catholic Facebook @eastsidecatholicschool
  • Be sure to double check the resources above just prior to leaving for school, since there have been rare occasions when conditions have worsened significantly between the time a decision is made (by 5 a.m.) and the actual start time of school.
If there is no message about Eastside Catholic, the school is open on a normal schedule. We will only post messages when there is a change i.e. closure or delayed start.

If school is closed, the following will also be cancelled:

  • All before and after school activities
  • All evening activities including athletic events and parent meetings
  • Athletic teams will contact players in the event that their schedules differ

If school starts late:

  • There will be no zero period classes or Mass
  • Buses will run on normal routes but on a one or two hour delay as communicated via FlashAlert

Subscribe to FlashAlert

If you have not yet signed up for FlashAlert, please sign up today so that you can be notified in case of a school closure. To sign up to receive FlashAlert notifications:

  • Go to FlashAlert.net
  • To subscribe, enter your primary email address and click "Subscribe"
  • Follow instructions for confirming email address and options for your account
  • Consider downloading the free FlashAlert Messenger app from FlashAlert. This app allows you to receive and view push notifications on your tablet or smart phone.

Bus Route Updates

For updates regarding specific bus routes sign up for RainedOut notifications. Enter Harlows Trailways in the search tab.

Remember that your neighborhood may be impacted by weather more or less than the school's location.

Please make your decisions on your student traveling to school based on the conditions where you live.