Blog posts and reflections from members of the Eastside Catholic School community


DECA: Skills Learned Today Offer Lifelong Advantages
Librarian Doug Ammons, MLS

Eastside Catholic DECA has a strong tradition of fundraising and successful competition results, but what is DECA really and why is it important to have a DECA chapter at EC?

Why Visiting Can Make All the Difference
The EC Admissions Team

To experience the culture of Eastside Catholic School, see the campus community in action and speak to current community members, we encourage families and students to attend one of our many on-campus events.

1,100 essays in 7 days?
English and Yearbook Teacher Lisa Snow '99

Insights and revelations from an English teacher's experience as an official AP exam test reader.

An Opportunity to Grow in Cultural Awareness
Anika W. '20

The value of building cultural understanding and creating cross-cultural friendships to become not just global citizens, but global leaders.

Bathed in Color and Light
Campus Ministry

Situated at the heart of campus, the Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi is a sacred space for reflection, prayer and celebration of the sacraments.