Eighth Grade Retreat 2023 - Becoming Leaders
Eighth Grade Retreat 2023 - Becoming Leaders

The entire eighth grade class participated in the second annual Eighth Grade Pilgrimage Retreat on Tuesday, September 26, along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. The students were accompanied by their Mentor teachers and Campus Ministry and Student Life team members.

This pilgrimage retreat, modeled after the High School Senior Pilgrimage (one of EC’s oldest and most beloved retreats), is an approximately five-mile walk with periodic stops for talks led by High School students, discussion groups, prayer, food and rest. Students walked for about four hours before arriving at Camp Don Bosco and joined the sixth grade students for Mass. Middle School Assistant Principal Erin Vickers participated in the pilgrimage with students.

Our eighth graders took time to pause and reflect on their time in middle school, hear advice from high school student leaders and discover nature with their peers. This long 5-mile walk together has a way of bonding the group at the start of the year and directs them towards being leaders of our middle school. It has become one of my favorite days to spend time with students.

The pilgrimage experience is a metaphor for a student’s journey through eighth grade and into high school. As "pilgrims," students had an opportunity to explore influences on their past, their attitudes toward the present, their concerns about the future and the role that God plays in their life journey. Students built relationships with classmates and reflected on how to be leaders and role models in middle school.

These retreats are often a highlight for students, faculty and staff. Middle School PE and Health Teacher Adam Chumbley always enjoys spending time with students on these retreats.

Seeing our high school students lead small groups was so fulfilling. It was like watching a student guide their former self down the right path. Literally.

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