Pathways to a Successful School Year

by Director of Student Services Frances Carhart

Don’t Delay: Meet Your Counselor.

The Student Services Team at Eastside Catholic School is devoted to working with students and welcomes the chance to talk with you about schedules, academics, life balance, college and any other concerns you may have. It’s our goal to get to know all of you, so stop by Student Services anytime to say hello.



Discover and Use Naviance.

Every high school student at EC has a personal Naviance/x2VOL account. Log in and check out the many resources, including a monthly newsletter by grade level, career exploration resources, registration for college visits and much more! You can easily access x2VOL through Naviance without a separate username and password.

Students A - K

  • School Counselor Autumn Slater
  • College Counselor Marjorie Hayton

Students L - Z

  • School Counselor Jena Ayers
  • College Counselor Frances Carhart

As you move through high school, think about the skills you will need to be successful once you have graduated.


Take Responsibility for Your Learning.

One of the best ways to prepare for your life after high school is to own your learning. Talk directly with your teachers when you don’t understand something from class or have a concern about a grade. Take the appropriate steps to balance your extracurricular activities with your academics. If you find a subject challenging, find ways to gain better understanding – check in with your teacher for additional help and resources or partner with a study buddy. Taking responsibility also means taking the time to meet with your counselors, researching post-college options and exploring what type of career might interest you. As you move through high school, think about the skills you will need to be successful once you have graduated.

Stay Positive.

Colleges often tell us that they want students with grit and resilience. This means learning to make the best of all situations, even those that are frustrating and challenging. Life rarely happens the way we want. You won’t always get your favorite teachers. You may dispute a grade on an assignment or disagree with the selection process for athletics, clubs or other outside endeavors. It’s entirely reasonable to be frustrated, but learning how to deal with challenges determines our success. Recognize that although life will not always be “fair” or “easy,” the life lessons you learn along the way will make you a stronger person.


To learn more about college counseling and student services at EC, please contact Director of Student Services Frances Carhart at 425-295-3128 or

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