Show Your Colors!

Today is National College Colors Day! Each Friday before Labor Day, National College Colors Day encourages students, families, fans and alumni across the United States to wear their team colors.

In honor of this tradition, two of our college counselors have donned their school colors and offer brief notes about their transition from high school to college with advice for our students as they begin thinking and planning for their own post-high school plans.

A Close Knit Community

College Counselor Siobhan McVeigh

The September 11 terrorist attack took place during my first week living on campus at Loyola Marymount University. Our school was in lockdown for a week because the campus is located close to Los Angeles International Airport.

It was difficult not to be able to leave campus to be with loved ones. But my worries over whether I had made the right choice in a school quickly evaporated. I realized I was part of a caring community that was there to support my academic journey and was supportive of my spiritual and emotional journey as well.

In a time of fear and heartache, I came to realize that I was not just one nameless student in a large lecture hall, but also part of a family. The school was an excellent fit for me too, since I was attending classes with other students and professors who shared my interest in social justice and spiritual growth.

I also loved that I felt like a member of a close-knit community. There were small class sizes with great discussions rather than traditional lectures. The campus was lively, with plenty of opportunities to get involved and be an active member.

For high school students looking at prospective colleges, I would encourage them to try new things. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. The best advice I can share is to look for an educational community that supports you and your personal goals.

Embrace Challenges for Positive Outcomes

College Counselor Cyrus Nassersaeid ‘08

My goal was to challenge myself in college, so the transition from high school to college was a little bumpy. But those bumps were a good thing in the end. I believe my early challenges helped me become successful as I continued my studies through undergrad and grad school.

I attended Gonzaga University and I loved the keen sense of community. The university permeates "community" from all facets, from students, to professors to staff. I remember the dining hall staff made a point to know students and recognized us whenever we came in. Little things like that go a long way when you’re 18 years old and away from home--sometimes for the first time.

I would encourage students to try their best and not be afraid to take on challenges. Know that you will face obstacles along the way, but those challenges will make you a better, stronger individual. The sooner you can accept and embrace change and face challenges, the sooner you will find success. 

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