Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the EC Art Walk
Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the EC Art Walk

Celebrating Creativity: Highlights from the EC Art Walk

by EC Communication Team

Art has the power to inspire and captivate, and his transformative power was on full display during this year’s Art Walk. Each year, this event provides a platform for our incredibly creative students to showcase their extraordinary artwork and share their artistic journey with the community.

"The Art Walk is a celebration of the artistic achievement of our amazing art students and the hard work they have done all school year." - Visual Art Teacher Alan Ordoña

At the Art Walk, on display is a broad range of student works from seventh and eighth grade visual arts classes, as well as high school students’ work from classes in ceramics, glass fusing, graphic design, digital photography, and drawing and painting. 

"We had an amazing variety of artwork, from clay hamburgers, glass windchimes, food truck designs, to self-portraits. It is always a special event where the Art Department can highlight the creativity and skills of our students. My favorite part of the Art Walk is having other faculty and staff see our students can accomplishments and talent on display outside of mainstream classes. Many teachers approach me, surprised at a specific student's skill! It is a great way to celebrate everything they have accomplished!" – Visual Arts Teacher Megan McDermott

One of the highlights of the Art Walk was the opportunity to hear from our AP Art students. These dedicated students, who have honed their skills and developed a deep understanding of artistic techniques, offered invaluable insights into their creative process. They shared anecdotes, explained the inspiration behind their pieces and provided a glimpse into the countless hours of dedication and hard work that went into creating their artwork.

"I enjoyed the Art Walk because it allowed us to share the meaning behind our art with people who are interested in it. It was really impactful." Junior Adalia Weber

The Art Walk not only celebrated the artistic achievements of our students but also emphasized the importance of art education in fostering creativity, critical thinking and self-expression. Through their involvement in the art program, students develop essential skills such as problem-solving and visual literacy. These skills are invaluable, not just within the realm of art, but also in their broader academic and personal lives.

"The Art Walk allowed us to share our creative process while also seeing everybody's process and ideas." - Junior Alexa Jeffries

The event is a testament to the boundless creativity that resides within our students, providing a platform to express themselves and share their unique perspectives. Thank you to all the students who participated in this year’s Art Walk. We look forward to seeing the artistic vision of our students again next year!

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Addy Weber poses next to her artwork from the Art Walk.

Addy Weber was inspired by the stereotypical gender issues of women.

Zach Hartman discusses his artwork with other students at the Art Walk.

Zach Hartman was inspired by the messages from the movie "Fight Club."

Ellery Norton's artwork on display at the Art Walk.

Ellery Norton's artwork was inspired by the gathering of how "Vape" gets individuals together.


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