A Remarkable Training Session with Argentine Coach Pablo Calderon
A Remarkable Training Session with Argentine Coach Pablo Calderon

A Remarkable Training Session with Argentine Coach Pablo Calderon

by EC Communications Team

In the world of high school soccer, opportunities to learn from professional coaches are uncommon, yet during his visit to the Pacific Northwest, we were excited that Argentine Coach Pablo Calderon accepted an invitation to campus to train our players.

Learning from the Best
Coach Pablo Calderon has an outstanding reputation within the sport. As a licensed professional coach approved by CONMEBOL, the South American Football Confederation, Calderon has honed his skills and knowledge at the highest levels of the game. With a track record of training players who went on to represent the Argentine national team, who won the FIFA World Cup in Qatar this past December, his visit to Eastside Catholic was a significant occasion.

Our student-athletes were thrilled to receive training from someone who has shaped the careers of numerous successful professionals. The insights and techniques shared by Coach Calderon were an incredible opportunity for our players to develop and refine their skills.

It was fascinating watching and learning different drills and how to motivate our players. His positive energy and love for the game was infectious and really helped our team from a tactical and mental standpoint. - JV Coach Paul Morrisroe

Inspiration for Future Success
Coach Calderon's visit provided more than just technical training – it was also motivating and inspiring for our soccer players – an incredible experience for our students and coaching staff alike. Through his training session, Calderon brought a wealth of expertise, shared his knowledge with our aspiring student-athletes and served as an inspiration for future success. We extend our sincerest thanks to Coach Calderon for his time, guidance and the invaluable impact he has made on the EC soccer program.

Watch this video to see more of Coach Calderon's visit to EC.

The EC boys soccer team practices with Argentine Coach Pablo Calderon.


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