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Board of Trustees

Eastside Catholic’s board of trustees works with the school‘s administration in a variety of ways, primarily to develop the policies and strategies that keep the school focused on its mission and vision. The dedication, hard work and steadfast support of the members of the board of trustees during the past 30 years led to the founding of the school as an independent Catholic high school, the construction of a campus that will serve the Eastside community for many decades to come, and the establishment of a middle school. Equally important, the stewardship of the trustees has enabled the school to grow in the number of students, and in the breadth and depth of its academic programs.
Our trustees volunteer their time and energy to the school because they believe in the educational philosophy of Eastside Catholic. Some have students here, or are proud parents of graduates. Some are community members with specific skills that they want to contribute. As an independent not-for-profit school affiliated with the Catholic Church, Eastside Catholic is very appreciative of the generosity and expertise of our board members.

Board Officers
Jim Alling, Co-Chairman
Kurt Reasoner, Co-Chairman
Board Members
Brad Bastian
Cole Brodman
Jacque Cabe
Jeff Clark
Mary Anne D'Ambrosio
Philip Head
Father William Heric, ex officio
Ardeth Hollo
Tom Lord, ex officio
Erik Morgan
Tom Padilla
Dr. Michael Quinn
Mary Ellen Smith